Since ages, organizations with big, strong and known brands have been successful to attain larger margins, greater market share and have been able to survive the economic pitfalls. This trend continues from the age old traditional marketing to the online marketing we have today. The fundamentals remain the same, the strategies are somewhat the same, but the execution has changed. There was print media, TV advertising then, and now we have, in addition, online advertising, social media et. al – things which have expanded way beyond our thinking.

A brand is the reputation an organization maintains. In order to expand or keep up with one’s brand, one must continue to define, support and position it.A brand is what gives a sense of trust, an emotional bond and a desire for, from the customer. A return for the trust is what the organization tries to achieve, building a relationship between the two. It is, what it is perceived all around in the market. A brand is everything from the people, to the products and services offered, to the practices followed by the organization. It is just everything related to the organization.

With a tremendous use of the internet today and a breathtaking progress of the new digital media channels, it takes a tremendous amount of work and new approaches to be known to the people around. Online Marketing on Social Media Channels, Reputation Management and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are an integral part of all marketing efforts in this digital age. Social Media is a great channel for the businesses today to reach out to their customers, communicate with them and create their brand awareness and thus establishing a brand identity among them. SEM makes use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising to make you rank high in the search engine result pages. Companies can target keywords relevant to their industry and highlight their brands for what the user is searching.
They should also pay attention to what people are saying about them online and address the issues efficiently. Constant management of your company’s online reputation should be an integral part of your branding efforts.

Today, a brand is no longer what a company says it is to its customers. It is what customers say to each other.