What does it mean to be a developer? A personal tale of coding journey.

When the majority of the workforce in a company is predominantly software developers and coders, it becomes essential for the management to understand what goes inside their heads and does it truly means to be a developer? We sat down with one of our senior developers and got to know her journey into coding and what drives her to be a developer.

Read below the transcript of our conversation cum interview. There’s a lot to learn. We hope you find something insightful and meaningful to add to your life.


How did you get into coding?

I started studying computers when I was in 3rd class. The first programming language was ‘LOGO’ that was fun at that age along with some games like Mario, which we were allowed to play sometimes. My interest in coding grew to other computer languages like BASIC, C, C++, Java from school days only. A lot of credit for this goes to my teachers, as they were the ones who made programming fun and helped me grow. Across my schooling till post-graduation, computers science became a constant companion


How being a developer has changed your life for the better?

I guess being a developer or even doing coding goes beyond computers. In a sense, it helps develop a certain mindset to solve problems or do tasks efficiently. It helps increase our logical thinking, finding different ways to deal with a problem, and applying the best solution. Whether it is for a programming task or a task at hand in our lives, I try to find creative ways to do it, and being a developer helps increase that creativity. This is an essential skill that stretches far beyond a computer.


Can you pinpoint one thing that is central to being a developer?

One important thing that I learned being a developer is ‘Perseverance’. Although it is an important skill to have in life in general, this is not an easy trait. I learned not to give up facing a problem or an obstacle. Being a developer has taught me unwavering persistence. To solve a problem, I must keep going and come up with different solutions until I have the right one, even if it takes some time.

A personal tale of coding journey.

How has Nablasol helped develop your skillset?

I joined Nablasol as a PHP developer with just a few months of experience. Since joining Nablasol, I have always had the opportunity to enhance my skills by working on different tasks, not only in PHP but also in other technologies. Apart from technologies, it helped me develop ownership skills by letting me try things myself. The seniors are easily accessible for help, but they let us try till the end. Only when no solution is found, will they help us with the problem.





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Animesh is a technical writer at Nablasol and loves to see businesses and agencies take charge of their social footprint and put a human touch behind the brand. He loves to trek and will never say no to ice cream. Follow him on Twitter @Neonsaber7

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