Excel Files To a CRM System

A Case Study on Excel Files To a CRM System


A Financial Advisory Company in Orlando, Florida.


The Client has multiple consultants who consult clients on their financial needs. They are managing the client data in Excel files which are hard to share and there have been a lot of issues where files have been lost, overwritten or data has been corrupted.


  • We started by analyzing the data in the excel files.
  • We interviewed a couple of consultants and understood their business process.
  • We suggested Sugar CRM’s community edition setup in order to save costs.
  • Implementation of the CRM system was done according to the requirements of the business.
  • We defined the migration process of importing all the excel files into the CRM.
  • The system was put on alpha test for a few consultants to ensure confidence in the product.
  • Feedback was gathered and changes were made accordingly.
  • Training modules were built for current and future employees.
  • The system was made live and continual support for the business was provided.


With our solution there was better tracking and management of customer accounts for the advisory company. We also integrated marketing with the CRM system which helped them achieve better lead management and re-nurturing and also manage their email campaigns.