Optimizing the Online Lead Generation Efforts

A Case Study on Optimizing the Online Lead Generations Efforts


A Temporary Staffing Agency operating Nationally.


The Client has mostly used the traditional marketing methods and has almost ignored online lead generation. He now understands the need and wants to create an online identity to generate more leads.


  • The process started with understanding the client’s business, their existing clients, their USP in their sector, their sales tactics and the marketing material they used.
  • An in-depth industry and competition review was done to better understand the market.
  • We realized that the current website was not representing an appropriate image of the company, so we decided to discard it.
  • A new Search Engine Friendly website was created for the client highlighting the relevant industry keywords to increase the ability to convert the visitors.
  • While designing, special emphasis was given to incorporate elements which would help them to generate more leads from the website.
  • We created their LinkedIn profile and started promoting it to help build a strong reputation for the company.
  • The main component for our lead generation effort was to setup advertising campaigns for them. We created Google Adwords and Bing campaigns for the client to help generate more leads and continue to provide campaign management and optimization services.


The effectively targeted online identity reflected a better image of the company to prospective clients. In the first month itself the client was able to close 3 new accounts from the leads generated using our campaigns. An extremely happy client!