Round-the-clock Paralegals For a Law Firm

A Case Study on Round-the-Clock Paralegals For a Law Firm


A Personal Injury Law Firm.


The client has been overloaded with cases for sometime and hiring new paralegals and training them has been taking a lot of resources. They wanted to reduce costs and improve the response time for clients.


  • We understood the challenges of their business and presented them how an outsourced solution in a different time zone will be best for their business.
  • A detailed analysis of the workflow was done to identify the tasks that could be outsourced.
  • Most of the documentation and clerical work in the company was outsourced. Some of these processes included inputting information from documents which came as email attachments or fax to the appropriate client file; researching on similar cases from the past and make annotations for current case; etc.
  • The process that produced the best results was as follows: At the end of the business day a lot of documents were received from which data was to be extracted and put in the system. Also, where needed appointments were set for contacting the client for more information. All this was done during business hours in an offshore location and was ready to be used by the paralegals in the US when they start their day.


Improved client satisfaction rates were achieved because of faster case processing and closure rate. Huge cost savings were achieved due to hiring of the right off-shore assistance.