A Debt Resolution Firm in Atlanta, Georgia.


The Client maintains a custom CRM system which manages the business workflow data. Large volume of data was collected and it became really hard to analyze it. Analysis and maintenance of the data was proving out to be a challenge for the organization.


  • We examined the IT systems of the organization and understood the workflow.
  • Analysis of each department was done individually.
  • We interviewed the decision makers, understood their business areas and the need of top executives in the company.
  • An Enterprise Reporting Platform was suggested and developed which included:.
  • Dashboards combining multiple reports on a single screen with a graphic representation of the most important performance indicators.
  • Report Schedulers to achieve automation and process optimization for generating and delivering reports.
  • Interactive Querying Reports for the analysts allowing them to modify their reports on their own.
  • A process for building ad-hoc reports in various formats, including Excel Spreadsheets, Pivot Tables, Written Document Briefs when required.


The reporting infrastructure we built helped them in managing business data and to produce reports which allowed efficient tracking of their business. Our solution allowed the decision makers to make informed decisions based on analysis of the metrics for their business unit. It benefited all departments in the company, especially the Marketing department which was immensely pleased with the ability to link the sales data with their marketing campaign data at a granular level to efficiently track their ROI. Our Enhanced Business Reporting solution helped the organization streamline their reporting.

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