A Mortgage Company in Atlanta, Georgia.


Our task was to boost up the conversion rate by creating a Digital Marketing campaign


  • We did an in-depth analysis of the Business and its competitors.
  • We efficiently did a SWOT analysis.
  • Competitors were running, Nationwide Radio and TV campaigns. Poor on Branding while generating a lot of keywords.
  • We build up a strategy, which involved researching their campaigns and analyzing their message to extract relevant keywords from their TV and radio spots, which were most likely to be Goggled by the users.
  • The above strategy helped us gain advantage of Competitor’s marketing spends and we ran highly optimized PPC campaigns in major territories.
  • Our landing page was specifically designed to match the color scheme and other aesthetics of the competitor’s TV advertisement.
  • The leads started coming in, as people would Google most of the keywords being generated.
  • We got a highly successful campaign.


Our conversion rate from the campaign was 250% of our average rate. We were able to successfully reform their weakness into our strength. Hence, we were effectively able to take advantage of the marketing dollars spent by the competitors.

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