CRM Integration

Connecting the dots between systems for a cohesive operational workflow

Whether you want to have your CRM system talk to another software used within your organization, connect to a vendor’s system, or integrate with third-party software. Our team of CRM Integrators and CRM Developers can help you. CRM integration could help automate processes and can facilitate error-free propagation of data in your business workflow.

Sometimes, the CRM system interfaces do not suit the needs of a particular business requirement. In situations like these, we can also help develop custom systems that use the data from your CRM with an interface tailored to your needs. These custom interfaces can also have data displayed from multiple systems in a single user-friendly interface and at the same time maintaining the data integrity of the respective underlying systems.

“CRM – Moving Towards a Whole New Way of Doing Business.”

Telephony Integration

Integrating your Telephony system with your CRM can provide users with an interface to use all basic telephony services from within your CRM system. This could also enable you to perform various actions based on the outcome of client communication. Whether it’s Voice, Text, MMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or even the old-fashioned Fax – all of it can be integrated with your CRM system, and the communication records could be stored and accessed within the system too. Some of the phone providers we’ve integrated with include Twilio, VOIP Innovations, SignalWire, Plivio, 8×8, Five9, Genesys, 3CLogic, IntelligentContact among others.

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Electronic Signature

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E-Signature integration lets you free from the hassle of choosing a document from the CRM and sending it from another application window. With the integration of this service you can easily send and upload documents and also can get the signed document back in the CRM, thus gaining all the advantages of e-signed documents without the extra work of logging into another system and managing those. Some of the eSign platforms we’ve integrated include DocuSign, Adobe Sign, and HelloSign.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

CRM Systems provide a ton of data that can be structured, organized, and presented in various Dashboards and Reports. Our team can help you to integrate your data with various off-the-shelf BI and Reporting tools or create a complete custom tool as per your requirements which can go on top of your existing CRM Reporting capabilities. We can also help you build a data warehouse to store data from multiple systems and build the ETL processes. Some of the data and reporting platforms we’ve worked with include Domo, SSAS, SSRS, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Google Data Studio.

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Payment Gateway

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Your Business is driven by the fuel known as ‘MONEY’. Integrating a payment gateway with your CRM will enable you to process payments directly from the system. The scheduled payments can also be processed by the CRM automatically on the due date and payment status can be updated. Based on the result of the payments, you can even have some workflows to perform automated tasks. Some of the payment gateway integrations that we have done for our clients include Stripe,, TransNational, and PayPal.

Document Management

Most CRM systems have built-in document management but some organizations still need to use a third-party document management tool. We can integrate with some of the leading document management tools like DocStar, DocuWare, Laserfiche, etc.; document sharing tools like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc., or even build a custom document management as per your specs with docs being stored on Amazon S3 or the likes.

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