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SugarCRM is one of the leading CRMs providing you a platform to connect your marketing, sales, and servicing teams throughout your customer’s journey within your organization. Being one of the most flexible among the major CRM systems, it provides a lot of opportunities to enhance the system and align with your business process.

Our team has helped organizations across various verticals to get started and move ahead with their SugarCRM journey by offering end-to-end solutions. Whether you’re setting up SugarCRM as the first CRM system in your organization or migrating from an existing system, we are there as your partners in the journey.

SugarCRM Consulting

A successful CRM implementation depends on how well your business process is aligned with the software being used. SugarCRM is a really powerful tool and provides a variety of options for you to effectively align your organization’s workflow with the system. Our consulting service provides the right professional help so that you can have a seamless integration of your business objectives with the system. We help you make sure the right customer information is being captured and tracked at each phase of your process; that inter-department communication is smooth and your customers have a consistent experience throughout their journey with your company. The focus is to improve the productivity of your teams; providing the information you need to make decisions and help you achieve a high ROI from your CRM implementation.

SugarCRM Development

Our development team has years of experience in helping clients across industries to develop solutions on SugarCRM to enhance its functionality and align it to your process. From module development to complex automation; our team can handle all kinds of customization needs for your SugarCRM instance. Having in-depth knowledge of the SugarCRM ecosystem, our team of developers, architects, and consultants have built solutions that have boosted productivity and helped enhance the overall experience of the CRM system. Some of the common customizations include module development, plugin development, custom dashlets, reporting and dashboarding, custom views, third-party integrations, workflow automation, document management, user portals, client apps among others.

SugarCRM Integration


Businesses love cloud apps. They are everywhere and everyone uses multiple apps for different functions. Integrating these apps with your SugarCRM instance allows improved agility, increased efficiency, and consistent representation of your data. These integrations can also allow to further enhance the functionality and features of the system. Some software integrations that we provide include:


Telephony Integration

Seamless telephony integration with the CRM can provide a huge productivity boost to any client call-center setup. Whether it’s a simple click-to-call or an inbuilt WebRTC solution. We can help you provide an integrated telephony solution. The integrations can handle voice, SMS texts, fax, and even third-party messenger communications with your client. Having all the functionality in the same system boosts productivity and provides a seamless view for all client communications. Some of the providers we’ve integrated with include Twilio, VoipInnovations, Plivio, SignalWire, Genesys, Intelligent Contacts, among others.


Payment Gateway

Your Business is derived with the fuel called ‘MONEY’. We here utilize the full potential of your CRM by integrating it with the payment gateways to accept online payments over the phone, using payment links, or even by using autopay services to run payments at defined intervals. Some of the leading payment gateway integrations that we have done for our clients: Stripe, Transnational,, and PayPal.


Electronic Signature

This integration lets you free from the hassle of physically sending documents for signature, thus improving the turnaround of the docs and the client experience. With the integration of this service with SugarCRM, you can easily send documents for signing within the system and define workflow rules based on signing actions. We’ve done SugarCRM integrations with DocuSign, Adobe Sign, and Hello Sign.

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Business Intelligence & Reporting

While SugarCRM’s inbuilt reporting can be used for a variety of production reports and forecasting; there still is a need for a custom third-party Business Intelligence platform by many businesses. Whether it’s integrating reporting with BI tools, building integrations with ETL tools for data warehousing, or building a custom reporting tool on top of your SugarCRM instance; our team can help you achieve your reporting needs for effective tracking and decision making.

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Document Management

For a document-intensive enterprise, a third-party document management system integration provides a seamless experience to SugarCRM users while maintaining security and other compliance requirements for those documents. We can help you integrate your document management system with SugarCRM and can also provide you a custom solution with Document workflow, OCR, Editing, and any other feature you may need.

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Accounting & Invoicing

Most Accounting and Invoicing solutions can be easily integrated with SugarCRM. Seamless integration of your accounting system with your CRM system will allow you to automate data entry, reconcile invoices and track payments efficiently. Whether you use QuickBooks, Xero, ZohoBooks, or any other accounting software, the integration of your bookkeeping software with your CRM system will help streamline your books and prevent unnecessary and costly accounting errors.

SugarCRM Maintenance & Support

CRM is essentially the backbone of your business. You must have reliable maintenance and support services for the ongoing needs of your SugarCRM implementation. Our maintenance and support services include:

SugarCRM Administration: From user management and access control to building new modules and fields, help will always be available.

SugarCRM Upgrades: Always be on the latest version of SugarCRM to get the newest features and all the security updates.

SugarCRM Hosting: Get your SugarCRM hosted to get optimal performance with the infrastructure setup as per your requirements.

SugarCRM Backups: We can help you set up regular automated backups including real-time data backups so that you never lose your data.

SugarCRM Disaster Recovery: We help you prepare a disaster recovery and a business continuity plan for all eventualities to keep you going always.

SugarCRM Training: We provide a workflow-oriented training solution, to help your employees go through their workflows easily using SugarCRM.

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