Lead Generation & Tracking

The heart of all marketing efforts for your organization is to generate prospective customers for your business.

All businesses today strive to generate online leads for winning new customers. This involves using many tactical methods including search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing and local search marketing among others.

  • Lead Generation

We offer lead generation services for various industry verticals for both B2B and B2C businesses. Our focus is on generating quality leads for your organization which have a high conversion rate. The service delivery includes generation of various landing pages and websites required for the lead generation process.

  • Tracking

Tracking of leads is an important component of every lead generation effort. We use our own in-house custom built tools to monitor the leads which are generated and ensure we can optimally utilize those. We also put in suggestions for remarketing of existing leads through email campaigns and other sources.

  • Delivery

It is essential that the leads which are generated, are delivered to your sales team in a timely manner. The leads we generate can be emailed to you or could be directly posted to the CRM system you are using in real-time, so that the prospects can be called without any delays.
If you are looking to generate high quality leads for your business, Contact Us today to get new prospects for your business.