Process Automation

Visualizing, Understanding and Improving Business Processes step by step

Digital technologies act as a conduit to help businesses improve their organizational performance and make optimal use of resources. Business Process Automation can help companies gain a competitive edge by restructuring the use of their human and capital resources towards greater organizational goals, by having technology drive the repetitive and mundane tasks.

“Efficiency” – that’s the most common goal of all businesses today. It’s simply measured as to how well your inputs are converted into outputs in your business which could be in terms of employee productivity, cost optimization, process efficiency, or service delivery.

Business Process Automation is not about completely replacing humans, it’s about having technology drive the humans in your business.

Process Re-engineering

Inefficient processes are one of the biggest hindrances to the growth of an organization. It causes delays and drains resources that could be better utilized in other areas. This often results in a bad customer experience and causes issues that can ultimately impact revenue. On the other hand, a streamlined organizational process structure can provide tremendous leverage to the business.

Our Process Re-engineering offering helps transform business processes and eliminate redundancies to improve overall productivity. We follow an iterative approach for process improvement by first identifying the processes which are causing the biggest pain points and help design solutions using a combination of technology and incisiveness. The continuous improvement of various processes across the organization leads to a wider process platform that promotes alacrity and swiftness across all areas of the business.

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation provides a substitute for physical and administration work by linking tools and replacing repetitive tasks. It helps improve the operational efficiency of the process by saving employees’ time by executing operations in a defined sequential order, thus bringing consistency in the process. Effective workflows can also lead to easier decision-making and facilitate clear monitoring of progress in a process.

Nablasol’s team can help you improvise on the contours of your workflow and suggest technology solutions to facilitate automation, reduce costs and increase efficiency. We have deep expertise in automating workflow processes across various areas of a service organization including marketing, sales, finance, service delivery, and back-office operations.

Robotic Process Automation

Most organizations today use multiple tools in different areas of their businesses many of which are legacy and hard to replace. Some of these tools cannot talk to each other using traditional software integration methods and businesses spend countless man-hours to make sure the information is accurate across all their systems.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can help automate these tasks by following the user behavior on these systems and replicating it using technology. This helps remove the barriers presented in traditional automation tasks that require open interfaces by software to be connected.

Our team uses a myriad of tools and techniques including artificial intelligence, data scraping, and optical character recognition (OCR) to help replicate the user processes and improve the overall productivity of the process.

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