Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a paradigm of systems where the major resources to run a solution is located in a centralized location accessible through a network, typically the Internet. It offers a cost effective and scalable alternative to traditional systems.cloudcomputing

Our cloud computing service offerings are focused to providing software on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. We have expertise in building applications to be run on the cloud environment as a service accessible through the web. We also write APIs and Web Services which can be hosted on the cloud and be called from anywhere in the network.

We can also help you to move your existing applications to cloud servers. The advantage of moving applications over the cloud is that there is no upfront investment for servers or licensing and it turns out to cost lower than traditional hosting. Also, it’s easier to scale up a cloud server without having to move your files around to a different location. In most cases the scaling can happen almost instantly.

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