CRM Systems

If you are a customer centric business, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is an essential component of your organization. Our team of business analysts, implementation specialists and developers have extensive experience with various CRM systems. We can implement your first systems, or if you already have a CRM – we can help you with maintenance and support services.

Our CRM service offerings include:

  • CRM Consulting:

When you select a CRM system, you need to make sure that you choose a system which is best suited for your organization. We analyze your business requirements and suggest the best solution for your CRM needs. Our consultants will also work with you to help you integrate the CRM system with your organizational workflow and produce an optimal road-map for implementation, user training and support for the CRM system.

  • CRM Implementation:

Whether you need a standard or an advanced CRM system, it should be implemented so that you can depend on it. Our team can implement off the shelf product which could be customized as per your needs, or if your requirements are not fulfilled by the products available in the market, we can also build a custom solution tailored for your organization. Some of the CRM system we work with include SugarCRM (managed hosting service also available), Salesforce, Podio, Microsoft Dynamics. Apart from these we also work with a lot of other smaller CRM systems too.

  • CRM Integration:

Most organizations have a variety of software they work with. Integrating data between these systems can be extremely helpful. Some of the common CRM integrations we do include integrating your website to the CRM system, integrating the accounting or invoicing systems, third party marketing automation, BI system integration etc. We can also develop custom systems which use the data from your CRM.

  • CRM Support:

When you use a CRM system, you need someone whom you could trust to be there when you need help. Our CRM support packages provide you with the required resources for any modifications you need to the system or any issues that may arise. We would work as an extended IT department for your company to ensure that your CRM system always puts you ahead of the game.

  • CRM Training:

The success of any CRM implementation largely depends on the ability of the users to efficiently work with the system. We offer comprehensive training solutions for your employees so that the processes are followed correctly. The right training ensures that you get the most advantage from your CRM.

If you are looking for implementing a CRM system or need someone to maintain it, Contact Us today and let us prove why we are the best firm for CRM solutions.