Reporting & Data Management

Reports are an essential requirement for decision makers to support them with their work in today’s information driven organizations. It helps them to make informed decisions based on analysis of the metrics for their business unit.

We are experts in managing business data to produce reports that will help you track key performance metrics for your business. We can develop reports on various platforms combining data from different data sources. We also provide reporting solutions on SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

Some of our key service offerings in this domain include:

  • Enterprise Reporting Platform Development

Every organization today needs an efficient Business Intelligence (BI) application which supplies them with data to support their decisions. We provide a custom Enterprise Reporting Platform which is tailored as per the needs of your organization. It facilitates efficient report distribution mechanisms with stipulated diverse access roles for various stakeholders.

  • Dashboards

Dashboards are a combination of multiple reports on a single screen with a highly graphic representation of the most important performance indicators. We offer development of reporting dashboards, which are customizable and can gather information from multiple sources.

  • Ad-hoc Analysis

Ad-hoc analysis is commonly used for reporting of some special initiatives which are generally required only once. We build ad-hoc reports for your users in various formats, including Excel Spreadsheets, Pivot Tables, Written Document Briefs etc.

  • Interactive Querying Reports

Interactive Querying Reports are for analysts who want to modify their reports on their own. We can build reports that can be customized by the end-user by modifying various parameters (eg. time, vendor, product, employee etc.) and drilling-down (expand) and drilling-up (collapse) the data on the reports.

If you are ready to streamline your organization reporting, Contact Us today and we’ll build reports which will help you take your business to the next tier.