Solution Architecturing

A great software product catapults from a thorough architectural design.

Before you start your journey of getting a software built from developers, it is essential that you define the underlying architecture for the system. The architecture of a software defines a high level structure of the system without going into internal implementation details. Ignoring this essential stage of your software lifecycle process can lead to incoherent design, maintenance issues and an unstable software.

Our solution architecture and design service helps you to define the appropriate architecture for your software solution which fulfils the business, the user and the system (IT infrastructure) goals. We choose a design which satisfies all the functional and non-functional requirements and ensure that the design optimizes all the quality attributes including performance and security of the system. Also, we ascertain that the solution can integrate with your existing processes and is future-ready for changes.

The key architectural designs we work with are:

  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Client/Server Architecture
  • Model View Controller Architecture
  • N-tier / 3-tier Architecture
  • Object-Oriented Architecture
  • Layered Architecture
  • Component Based Architecture

The end result of the process is a comprehensive design documentation which can be used by the development team. We strongly follow the Agile Modelling approach and make sure our document is simple to understand with accurate and consistent models to define all aspects of the system.

If you are ready to get a new software built and have a basic idea of your requirements, Contact Us before you hand it for development to discuss more about how you can create an efficient architecture for your software system.