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Catering extensive experience in building web-based applications across various verticals

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Web applications can serve your customers when they aren’t even
connected to the internet

Nablasol offers Bespoke Web Applications Development services to cater to the business needs across various verticals. Our team has extensive experience building web-based applications which are robust, scalable, secure, and responsive across all devices. We follow an Agile model with Rapid development, starting with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and then continuously evolving the solution as per business requirements.


Our Services include

eCommerce Solutions

Secure and scalable eCommerce solutions built on top of Magento, Shopify, and WordPress provide a great shopping experience to the users and at the same time are easy to manage for the business. With personalized recommendations and marketing automation, which our team can help you implement, you can ensure that your customers keep coming back.

The eCommerce solutions we offer can be fully integrated with your other business software. We can even build custom admin interfaces to manage your backend processes for the smooth operation of your business.

Custom Web Applications

Whether you’re looking for web apps to engage your customers or to streamline a business workflow, we can help you build the application to solve your problem. Our Custom Web Application Development services focus on building robust applications with delightful user interfaces.

With the plethora of web technologies in our development team’s arsenal, you can choose between traditionally architected applications, Single Page Applications (SPA), Progressive Web Applications (PWA), or Hybrid Applications. The applications are built to be compatible with all kinds of devices.

SaaS Development

Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions is now ubiquitous in all organizations. Nablasol can help you build SaaS applications on the cloud following a multi-tenant architectural model. We follow an Agile development methodology with a customer-driven feedback loop for future enhancements.

  • SaaS Application Development: We develop scalable and secure SaaS Applications, using the best-suited technology stack for your solution and ensuring consistent user experience across devices.
  • SaaS API Development: APIs of a SaaS system are the controllers of the software containing the business logic which facilitates the transfer of information from the backend to the frontend or other systems.
  • Integrations & Extensions: We build integrations and extensions of your SaaS product with complementary business software for seamless data exchange to help raise your user adaptation rate.

Web Applications | Custom Web Apps Curated for your Business

Application Management & Maintenance

All software applications need regular maintenance and should continuously evolve as per the changing technology and business requirements. We offer end-to-end application management and maintenance services for web applications to ensure their smooth functioning and timely updates.

  • Application Enhancements: Enhancements include application modernization, adding new features, modification of interfaces and processes, bug fixes, issue resolutions, platform updates, and performance optimizations.
  • Servers & DevOps: We manage your servers and infrastructure, by facilitating the implementation of automated DevOps processes for the various phases of development, testing, and deployment of your application.
  • Disaster Recovery: Our disaster recovery services ensure business and application continuity in case of any unforeseen circumstances, by implementing geographically diverse replication and backup plans.

Web Applications | Custom Web Apps Curated for your Business

Web Portals

From managing clients, sharing content or knowledge to facilitating collaboration within the workforce or with vendors; our team has built Web Portals for a range of scenarios. These web portals are designed to facilitate real-time information exchange, which helps raise the operational efficiency of your processes.

We offer a full gamut of web portal services, including Consulting & Strategy, Technology Selection & Architecture, Design & Development, Testing, and Maintenance. The Web Portal can be integrated with your existing systems for seamless flow of data or can be built as an independent fully-encompassing system having its own data store.

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