A growing business must think of Customer Relationship Management as a foundation of their transformation initiatives. A sound CRM strategy and implementation has been at the very heart of every successful Digital Transformation. A Custom CRM can boost employee productivity & improve the returns on implementation. Read on to understand the modern custom CRM can adapt to your business and transform it. 


The consumers of the Digital Age require answers to their problems immediately and expect instant gratification. Digital Transformation initiative has a people-first approach that puts the consumer at the center of the efforts. Although, at the foundation is a CRM that helps create value for customers through meaningful digital experiences.

Strategic implementation of CRM can help your business delight your customers by putting all the right answers and insights they could every need, right when they want at their fingertips.

Growing businesses must think of Customer Relationship Management as a foundation of their Business Transformation initiatives. A sound CRM strategy and implementation has been at the very heart of every successful Digital Transformation.

CRM tools were traditionally in use for siloed business functions only, especially sales and marketing. But gone are those days where Lead & Sales Management was the only function of any CRM. Although this feature is still a fundamental part of CRM, the most progressive & growing companies use CRM as a relationship & loyalty management tool. A modern custom CRM flows across all business functions with system integrations, empowers individual employees, and acts as a central consumer database.

Why Is A Custom CRM Critical for Digital Transformation Success?
Delight your customers with strategic CRM customizations to grow your business.


What Is A Modern Custom CRM?

A managed IT service company helps a business integrate multiple business systems like communication channels, marketing, management, billing, documents, and other operations for a seamless digital experience. There are various use cases possible for customized system integrations across different industries.


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Nablasol provides the System Integrations with CRM in different use cases and industries


A Custom CRM boosts employee productivity & improves the returns on implementation. After that, It contains holistic profiles of all the stakeholders like customers, consumers, agents, distributors, and others.

A holistic profile contains relevant sales, marketing, servicing information, and financial information. As well as yearly performance, customer win rates, customer lifetime value, competitive products purchased, and more. A custom CRM also includes social media insights & identity resolution tools to help identify anonymous digital visitors.

In terms of business functions, custom CRM modules help the sales team and customer service agents deliver an extraordinary customer experience by providing the right information to the right person at the right time. Empowering individual employees with CRM can support agile innovation with seamless consumer feedback helping businesses develop engagement and build loyalty.

A CRM tool like SugarCRM easily integrates with global enterprise applications and data sources. It is a customizable platform based on open technologies that use readily available skills like PHP and Javascript.

Note that in most cases, System Integrators who build customizations on top of SugarCRM own the intellectual property. Therefore they are free to leverage their investment and use their customization as a re-marketable asset, adding value for their customers and differentiating themselves.


It is essential to find a managed service provider that can build customizations on top of your CRM as per your business functions. Once you have aligned a people-first approach to business, it makes sense to develop a customer-first custom CRM strategy.