Curated Apps for Industry Specific Businesses

Trouble managing your business workflows on generic applications? We have curated powerful applications to be deployed for industry-specific businesses. Our system-wide tools can be easily customized to meet your needs and operational requirements. Our bespoke custom applications are built for streamlining workflows and empowering management with decision-making capabilities.

The custom applications also help your business improve digital engagement with customers by automating communication across all channels. This is done with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Bots. These bespoke applications give your company the capability to increase productivity by simplifying internal communication.


Improve Productivity & Streamline Workflows

Custom Applications built for your business

Bespoke - Document Management System

Document Management

Automate documentation tasks by streamlining fucntions with our highly convenient document management system.

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Bespoke - Lite CRM

Lite CRM

Try our lightweight CRM built only for your business. Compatible with your unique operations and dedicated towards your growth

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Bespoke - Business Reporting

Business Reporting

Deploy custom reporting dashboards across departments & improve business decision making at the management level.

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AI & Machine Learning

Integrate Artificial Intelligence chatbots empowered with Machine Learning to automate customer service and improve sales.

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Collaboration Portal

Collaboration Portal

Drastically improve your business productivity with our cloud-based team portal by simplifying client, vendor, and workforce collaboration

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