Measuring ROI for your Social Media

A lot of people ask this question, how do we measure the returns on investment on our Social Media spending? Among all the other activities in digital marketing mix viz. Pay Per Click (PPC), Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing etc., Social Media Marketing (SMM) spends are one of the hardest to be attributed to direct revenue generation. Of…

How Can CRM Transform Your Business Magically?

CRM Defined
Customer relationship management (CRM) platforms used to be limited to the large-business world. But a number of vendors have changed all that, making these useful systems great business tools for small and medium sized business (SME) operators that want to maximize every customer and prospect. As the breadth of small business demands has grown, so have the availab…

Why Outsourcing Technical Writing is A Great Idea!

There has been a constant debate with businesses all around especially small businesses about the technical content one creates for the business. It is most of the time taken for granted that, just like writing a normal content, technical content writing is something that can be easily achieved by the writers within the organization considering the fact that writing technical content, requires…

Unleash and Leverage High Potential Talent to Drive Business Growth

Business today tends to have resources specializing in the major functions of the business. Where are the skills needed to combine all the capabilities of the organization to leverage the potentials of the organization? Operations management may be the next vital role in your organization.
Easier said than done? Well, let’s explore a few constraints and find appropriate solutions to deal wit…

Why Start-ups Have It Better! 5 Reasons To Show You Why!

Many people believe starting a business is a mysterious process. They know they want to start a business, but they don’t know the first steps to take.
But before we get started, let’s clear up one point: People always wonder if this is a good time to start their business idea. The fact is, there’s really never a bad time to launch a business. It’s obvious why it’s smart to launch in strong…

How Innovation Can Lead To Business Growth—In Bad Times

Innovation can help your business adapt and evolve in order to survive and grow. In your business, innovation may be driven by the need to solve a problem or capture a new opportunity.

Keeping your business fresh and attractive to your marketplace means investing in innovation – it’s vital to growth.
Ways to innovate
You could improve how old products or services are used, find new…

The Power of Markets!

“In an efficient market, prices fully reflect available information”
Growing your business is a constant challenge, and today’s economic climate is likely making things more challenging than ever. However, by exploring expansion options uniquely available during an economic downturn, you may be able to take your business, and your business performance, to new heights.
Economists make basic…

Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Profit – Understanding the Links (Part-2)

People prefer to buy From those they like and trust, very simple human nature and very often overlooked!
This is in continuation to our previous blog post regarding “Customer Focused Market” 
Why and How is Loyalty Profitable?
It’s the cost of delivering value to the customers over an extended period of time. While doing a customer based marketing, it’s actually very costly…

Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Profit – Understanding the Links (Part-1)

As a relatively broad sort of outreach strategy, customer focus is something that is different for every business. Achieving a customer focus is not a one-size-fits-all solution.
With the rise of price-hungry and savvy shoppers, it is becoming increasingly challenging for operators to secure the loyalty of their customers and Differentiate themselves in a highly commoditized market.
Is it in…

Decrypting “Web-to-Store” Customers’ Habits

Consumers are increasingly engaging in a behavior called ROPO: research online, purchase offline. Today’s buyer is more informed than ever!

Technological advances have empowered consumers and given them the ability to make the Internet work for them. Through the process, a new consumer trend has emerged. We now see consumers researching products online and accessing all the reviews and…

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