Shaping The Trajectory Of Service Delivery With Automation

The conversation among service leaders today usually centers on the customer experience. No matter the industry, companies are looking for ways to deliver better, faster service. For many, that means leveraging the latest advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to support their existing workforce and drive productivity.

According to a survey by Deloitte, about half of those surveyed said their organization was “deeply involved in automation projects, with 24% using AI and robotics to perform routine tasks.” Just about every company can benefit from building more automation into their processes, but field service organizations are placing special emphasis on using AI to drive productivity and deliver better service.


What is Service Delivery Automation?

To start, service delivery automation (SDA) is an umbrella term for a series of human actions that are automated by technologies in a business or IT processes. SDA requires the coordination of multiple processes to create a result. The IT service desk is often referred to as ITSM automation.

ITSM automation refers specifically to programs and digital methods of use and delivery of ITSM and ITIL processes and best practices. These processes can include creating and tracking tickets, providing self-service answers to simple requests, and working to support enterprise-wide digital transformation.

Routine Tasks Magically Disappear With Service Delivery Automation

The big question to answer when considering any automation method is the why. Why automate when current service delivery practices are working just fine?


Automation creates a more streamlined experience for everyone because it removes a layer of redundancy and repetition for both the customer and the agent. Automating service delivery means that agents have less on their plates, while still making good on the promise of streamlined service and results.


Automation also helps connect incidents to indicate the greater problem – for example, if multiple users are experiencing the same incident, it can be automatically flagged to connect to a greater problem, while simultaneously documenting and sharing the solution in the workflow for agents


Business processes, not just IT processes, can be connected through ITSM software to automate, and subsequently, optimize them. Because SDA requires a variety of interconnected processes, there is an opportunity to streamline and optimized several at once.


Let’s face it, humans are great. But humans make human errors. But with automated service delivery, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can lower the instances of human error. It should be noted, that automated service delivery should never replace humans, but should augment them and make their lives easier.


In the end, all of the benefits previously mentioned boil down to one major factor: optimized costs. The cost savings doesn’t have to be limited to the IT service desk but can expand to any business unit. Automation implemented on a wider scale, especially automated service delivery, creates an enterprise-wide cost optimization that has major implications for the business as a whole.

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