Improve Customer Engagement Functionality

Manage customer records while engaging with them and improve productivity using easier documentation.

Document Management in SugarCRM helps you increase productivity by increasing the inbuilt functionality of SugarCRM. The user gets freedom from juggling between various applications.

This document management allows the user to preview documents inside SugarCRM without downloading them. We have also developed various other custom features that work inside SugarCRM and improve the overall functionality by allowing the users to manage their entire workflow inside SugarCRM.

Document Management

Level Up Your Business Document Workflow

Enhance SugarCRM workflow and build trust with your customer using our document management integration.

SugarCRM document management
Improve Safety

Improve Safety

All the uploaded documents are cloud hosted

Easier accessibility

Easier accessibility

No need to download to preview documents

Increase Trust

Increase Trust

Allows customer to manage their documents

Streamline Document Management for your Business

Here are some benefits and why you need to deploy our custom SugarCRM document management.

Store, preview, and access customer-related documents with ease from protected servers online. Our custom documentation allows the customers to self-upload their documents from the portal provided to them. It also allows them to manage their documents, building trust for the company.

Agreements, invoices, and other documents are found faster because of the quick availability within SugarCRM, making the workflow more efficient and providing a more convenient mechanism for your customers.

  1. Preview Documents
    • One of the missing features of SugarCRM is a document previewer inside SugarCRM that allows you to view documents without downloading them.
    • Use the Documents and Notes module to store various documents related to the organization.
  2. Cloud Hosting
    • The uploaded documents in the portal get stored in the AWS S3 portal instead of SugarCRM.
    • Securely store your document while easily accessing them from the AWS cloud server.
  3. Client Document Request
    • Customers can upload the documents to the portal directly, which can be viewed, tracked, and updated from anywhere.