Flawless Protocol for High Call Volume Environments

Improve customer service by establishing an error-free call workflow using record locking within SugarCRM.

Improve employee productivity and efficiency using our record locking feature for SugarCRM that enhances the usability experience for your employees.

The purpose of the locking records is to prevent users from tapping one customer while they are being catered by another agent. This becomes essential in real time process. This feature also prevents tapping the same customer multiple times for the same process leading to various errors resulting in poor customer service.

Record Locking

Enhance Teamwork Within Customer-Facing Teams

Drastically reduce customer service errors by deploying record locking features in SugarCRM.

Record Locking
Record Locking - Enhance Teamwork

Enhance Teamwork

Proper delegation of customer contacts to employees

Record Locking - Improve Productivity

Improve Productivity

Reduction in resource wastage on a particular customer

Simplified Customer Service

Simplified Customer Service

Error-free engagement with customers by employees

Deploy Record Locking Feature on SugarCRM

Here are some benefits and why you need to deploy the custom feature in SugarCRM.

We have developed a record locking tool which is a custom feature that helps in reducing inefficient customer management protocols. The feature locks the record of a particular customer whose case or record is currently being handled by another employee.

  • Only one employee can be dedicated to a particular customer and the record gets locked for other employees to edit.
  • An employee can only access a single customer record. If the agent doesn’t make any changes for a defined period the record will be re-assigned.
  • The customer doesn’t get a call for the same purpose from any other employee other than the assigned.