Take Control of your SugarCRM Dashboard

Analyze, import and view relevant data as per your requirements using Custom Query Dashlets.

Multiple dashlets displaying varied types of data together form a dashboard. We have developed dashlets for your SugarCRM dashboard as per your custom query. You can customize the dashlets as per your convenience and business requirements without any coding.

You can control the view modes in the SugarCRM Dashboard and quickly view relevant data. Easily visualize metrics and performance indicators on a single page using the custom query dashlets.

Custom Query Dashlets

Simplify Business Metrics to Track Growth

Customize SugarCRM dashlets as per your business workflow and functions.

SugarCRM Productivity
Unique Workflow

Unique Workflow

Measure metrics relevant to your business

Custom Query Dashlets - Highly Efficient

Highly Efficient

Analyse metrics in a more simple manner

Save Time

Save Time

Arrange dashlets to quickly see what’s important

Entirely Customizable SugarCRM Dashboard

Here are some benefits and why you need to customize your SugarCRM dashboard.

Custom Query Dashlets give you complete control of your business metrics and dashboards.It empowers your business reporting to much more simple manner yet advancing your approach towards business growth.

Besides managing custom dashlets you can also preview customer records much more easily in Sugarcrm with a specific dashlet to view them. The easy accessibility of the customer records results in faster.

  1. Preview Customer Records
    • Save time by viewing the summary of your customer’s record without going to the record page.
    • Preview crucial customer information in a simplified manner using specific dashlets.
  2. Manage Custom Dashlets
    • Modify the structure of your dashboard by rearranging, editing, or adding custom dashlets.
    • You can transform data in tables into interactive and meaningful dashboards using filters and sort options.