Executive Summary

The client is one of the leading employment service providers for Risk, Analytics, and Security Professionals. They hire top professionals in the field as they fall under this niche business category. See how Nablasol enabled them to make it easy for job seekers and employers to connect with each other, and also build a knowledge-sharing platform to drive their marketing efforts.



To pull the best talent in a niche category, they wanted us to develop a feature-rich and interactive job portal that would enable job seekers and employers to find perfect matches for their requirements with a seamless experience. They not only wanted to post career opportunities; but also wanted a content portal that would help the potential employees understand various aspects of the job/Industry through its informative tools like career blogs, newsletters, career surveys, job products, and other career resources.

For a successful outcome, we also had to prioritize the following:

  • A fast and responsive user interface in sync with the journey an applicant goes through.
  • An automated search feature that matches jobs to applicants based on their profile and the job description.
  • An advanced administration panel for easy management of the job seekers as well as employers’ profiles.
  • A content management system, providing a seamless experience with the job portal.
  • Enabling eCommerce functionality for packages for employers and digital career products for job seekers.
  • Integration with other platforms for various marketing campaigns with proper segmentation of customer profiles.


Our Solution

We started by interviewing existing employees as to what all information they seek before applying for a job in this niche industry. This helped us chart out a journey that an applicant goes through before, during, and post-job applications. We also interviewed some of the recruiters on the features they were looking for to enable us to focus on the right features.

Here’s the approach we followed to develop the solution:

  • To avoid reinventing the wheel, instead of starting from scratch we started by looking out for available job board software and zeroed in on commercial open-source software.
  • We built a custom UI for the software, implemented various automation, and improved the user journey on the portal.
  • We also developed the advanced auto search feature to match the right candidate to the right job.
  • For content management, we chose WordPress as the platform of choice and matched the user experience with that of the job board.
  • We added various eCommerce features to the site for digital products, with multiple payment gateway integrations and product delivery automation.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) was integrated with various Social Media platforms to make it easy for the user to access the site.
  • A LinkedIn import feature was built to help users fill their profiles automatically.
  • The site was optimized for search engines by following the on-site SEO techniques with a very fast page load time.
  • Integrations were also built for various marketing platforms to streamline Email, Social Media, and PPC campaigns with advanced tracking capabilities.


Business Impact

  • With seamless user experience and auto search features, the website became really popular in the niche.
  • The search engine optimization on the knowledge-sharing platform helped it to rank really well on some of the high converting keywords.
  • The founder was able to make a successful exit by selling the business to an investor, within a few years.

Client Details

Industry: Human Resources

Headquarters: Dallas, TX

Area of Service: United States


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