Executive Summary

In today’s customer-centric world, companies can’t afford to keep customer service as an afterthought. Most businesses concentrate on various digital touchpoints before a prospect turns to a client, but ignore the fact of how a digital touchpoint for their existing clients helps improve their experience with the organization. Here’s how Nablasol helped one of the organizations in the tax-related professional services industry add an edge to their client’s experience.



Client servicing in most professional services verticals is a labor-intensive process.

For a successful outcome, we also had to prioritize the following:

  • Regular and timely interactions are needed with clients to keep them updated about the status of the services.
  • Being a document-heavy process, need to keep track of document submissions and followups of document requests.
  • Clients may need access to certain documents from time to time and would contact a representative which would be a slow process.
  • Since the client’s payment plans were set over a period of time, it required additional servicing to make sure the payment methods were updated.



We built a digital self-service touchpoint for the organization’s clients to enable them to complete the most common tasks on the app. Mobile apps were built for iOS and Android platforms, along with a web version for clients who didn’t want to download the app or wanted to access it from the desktop.

The client application allowed users to:

  • Get real-time updates from their assigned professionals on the status of their services and follow-up on any issues or requests.
  • Upload any documents that are required for the services and manage all the previously submitted documents.
  • Have a central repository of all their tax documents, so that they can access it anytime they need it.
  • Receive alerts on upcoming deadlines, helpful tips, or any action initiated on their account.
  • Manage and update their billing profile to ensure that they’re up to date and avoid any service interruption.

This client application was integrated with the organization’s CRM and Document Management System to ensure the clients had the most up-to-date information. There were internal workflows and tools created to manage the client’s interaction on the app and provide them with regular updates.


Business Impact

The app significantly improved the client’s journey with the organization.

  • More than 60% of clients said the application was useful for them (as per the feedback survey sent after the services were completed).
  • There was a significant reduction in the number of common client servicing requests.
  • A number of clients still used the app after their services were completed and took advantage of various other app features.

Client Details

Industry: Financial Services

Headquarters: Chicago, IL

Area of Service: United States


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