Executive Summary

The professional services and legal services industry usually deal with a lot of paperwork on a daily basis. One of our clients, a nationwide leader in the Tax Resolution and Preparation industry, headquartered in Chicago, US needed a solution to automate the generation, sending, signing, and retrieval of their sales contracts. Here’s how Nablasol helped them achieve their goal.


The Problem Faced

The company had a sales force distributed across multiple locations. It was a high-volume sales environment with 100s of clients signing up on a daily basis. Due to the nature of the services, each contract had different documents and language based on what’s being sold.

Their current process to generate the contract was as follows:

  • Creating the contract document by filling in appropriate client details, services sold and attaching appropriate forms for those services.
  • Marking the document for data fields, initials, and signatures on an eSignature platform and sending it to the client from there.
  • Follow up with clients and trace them to get the documents signed.
  • Checking the signed documents and processing the documents by sending them to the appropriate departments.

There was a sales support team of 6 Full-Time-Employees (FTEs), which helped the sales guys do this cumbersome process. Since the process was manual, it sometimes led to errors while generating these contracts, which would have caused various issues down the line.

Also, because of the time taken to get the contract to the client after the sales pitch, it was a hassle to follow up with clients and sometimes required an additional pitch since the clients may have changed their mind since the last time they spoke to the salesperson.


Our Approach

We examined the complete contract generation process in detail and understood the requirements and the workflow. Analysis of each step was done which included the documents needed, their placement order, the details required to be filled in, signature positions, and processing of signed documents.

We built a completely automated solution for the complete contract workflow as follows:

  • The client’s case number was entered on a Chrome plugin, which generated the contract on the fly with all information filled in from the CRM and appropriate forms attached.
  • The contract could be sent via Email or SMS and was integrated with DocuSign for eSignatures.
  • Once the contract is signed, it’s automatically uploaded as a document in the CRM and the document status is updated, triggering the contract received workflow.
  • Additionally, forms from the documents were auto-extracted and tagged for review by appropriate departments and, if required, auto-faxed to different government agencies for filing.


Business Impact

With the complete automation of the contract generation process, the following were the major impacts on the business:

  • Over 25% increase in the sale conversions, since the salesperson was able to get the contract signed while on the phone with the client and walking them through the process.
  • Freeing up time for salespeople, which was earlier spent on tracing the contract from the sales support department and subsequently following up with clients.
  • Elimination of the sales support department handling the manual generation of contracts and doing subsequent filings.
  • Preventing errors on contracts could have led to expensive problems down the line.
  • Significant improvement in process efficiency, leading to cost savings and enhanced client experience.

Client Details

Industry: Tax Resolution

Headquarters: Chicago, IL

Area of Service: United States


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