A service-based company was facing challenges targeting customers via their telephony system while managing and updating leads in their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Although a telephony system maintains logs of the calls, it does not work as a lead management system. They were having such problems as the telephony system, and CRM both are non-mutual units of software. So, we provided a custom system integration between the two software as a solution to the company. The seamless system integration now allows the concerned departments to use their Genesys Contact Centre inside SugarCRM to target and manage leads.

Business Challenges

Inefficient business processes translate into a poor customer experience.
If your customers do not experience personalized service, they will not feel emotionally invested in the company.

  • The customer-facing teams were juggling the two software during each call they made or received, reducing their productivity. 
  • The teams had to quickly find the appropriate lead and its details in the CRM for every inbound call in the telephony system.
  • A customer going through IVR was not getting directed to the appropriate department as per the CRM. This reduced the personalization and increased customer churn rate.

Solution Provided

The system integration of Genesys Contact Centre into SugarCRM resulted in multifold personalization for customers and increased productivity internally.

  • The complete phone system has been integrated inside SugarCRM. The teams don’t need to navigate between the two tabs. Call details like caller ID, disposition, agent name, notes, recording, call type, call status, campaign details were earlier logged in the phone system. They are now logged in SugarCRM as well and linked to the particular lead in the CRM.
  • All the modules present in the Genesys Contact Centre function similarly on SugarCRM as well.
  • During an inbound call, lead details linked with the particular number is opened. The phone calls are received with lead status, notes, disposition, campaign details, other details in the CRM to support the agent.
  • For a call through the IVR system, custom APIs were created using a call flow designer to extract lead details from the CRM and route calls to the correct department. 
Genesys Contact Centre Integration with SugarCRM for a Service-Based Company
The seamless integration now allows the concerned departments to use their Genesys Contact Centre inside SugarCRM to target and manage leads.


Impact on Business

Improved internal productivity and multifold customer personalization drastically decreased customer churn rate and increase revenue per customer. Improved customer loyalty was measured because of the personalized customer experience. Automation in extracting lead details during an incoming call or IVR system created a highly efficient business process.

Client Details

Industry: Financial Services

Headquarters: Chicago, IL

Area of Service: United States


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