Our financial services client suffered from a low conversion rate in a high-volume sales environment. The delay in contract generation made the sales workflow cumbersome. We developed an automated sales contract generation solution that enabled the salespeople to create, send and process contracts quickly from the CRM while being on call with the clients. Here’s how we managed to do this.


Business Challenges

Our financial service client had a high volume sales environment where each salesperson would get 100s of enquiries. To close each client, the workflow required signing a contract for which our client had a dedicated contract team. Based on the input from the salesperson, this team would create the document, add the custom required fields and send the contract using an e-Sign platform. By the time the salesperson last talked to the client, it would take the contract team a few hours to get the contract processed.

This delay in generating contracts led to clients churning out from the pipeline. Sales were losing out on qualified conversion and it was impacting the business revenue.


Solution Provided

We built a solution on the insight that if the time between the sales qualification to conversion can be reduced by hours to minutes, the churn can be reduced. This was required especially in a high-volume sales environment.

We developed a solution where the sales contract generation part was automated inside the CRM and initiated by a salesperson in simple steps while being on call with the client.

The salespeople can now create custom contracts with different fields, send the document via email or SMS and get the contracts signed via e-Sign platforms like DocuSign to close the sales while on a call with the client.

The salesperson instead of waiting for the contract from the internal team, was now navigating the client on the same call without the need for follow-up.


Impact on Business

Our automated sales contract generation solution drastically changed the workflow, structured a leaner business and increased the conversion rate by multifold. The sales team was in control of the process end to end and it improved their productivity to help them achieve their targets much quicker.


Client Details

Industry: Financial Services

Headquarters: Chicago, IL

Area of Service: United States


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