The US tax resolution industry was riddled with scams and stories of people unable to receive expert tax advice. There was little awareness about private firms helping people regarding tax debt. At the same time, private tax resolution firms were unable to get leads online. Nablasol was commissioned to develop an industry reviews website that would primarily help people choose the right tax resolution and generate leads for the law firms. In few months, the website ranked on top of the Google search result pages for high-value industry keywords. Finally, it led to a high amount of qualified leads being generated for various tax resolution firms.


Business Challenges

The unorganized tax industry had created problems for both the people and tax resolution firms providing legal services. Due to the lack of awareness, many people did not know where to seek expert tax help. There were also cases of various people getting scammed and few law firms doing unethical practices.

On the other hand, tax resolution firms were facing challenges in generating leads online and assist the American taxpayer. There was no standard procedure to locate an honest tax resolution firm. The lack of a review mechanism had kept the citizens confused about the choice of firm. There were many factors to be kept in mind while selecting a firm, like the availability of attorneys, accreditations, range of services, and other things. Many of these factors were not available to the public online for comparison.


Solution Provided

We developed and maintained a website that allowed people to review tax resolution firms across multiple factors and showcased a comparative study online. A total of 71 companies were available to review and rate on different factors. This allowed the American taxpayer struggling with tax debt to locate an honest tax resolution firm without any hassle. The website positioned itself towards bringing justice to the tax industry. As a result, the people were empowered with information. To make an informed decision, with the website at their disposal, they just had to search, compare and choose.


An industry review site ranked top on SERP & generated leads for various tax resolution firms
Tax resolution firms reviewed across multiple factors and showcased as a comparative study online


Along with the development, technical SEO was conducted for the website for crawling and indexing on Google. Thorough research and analysis on a lot of keywords were done to understand user intent. On-page SEO was carried out heavily for various targeted keywords from the industry. Several backlinks to different companies were set up. In a few months, the website was ranking on top for high-value keywords.

The website channeled people to the firm they selected with one click. Contact details were also mentioned that connected the call directly to the firm. This helped generate leads for all the firms. A highlighted ‘Get Help’ button beside the firm’s name led to an increase in click rate. These qualified leads were sent directly to them without any interference. Eventually, the reviews and ratings were authenticated that compounded the popularity of the website.


Impact on Business

The marketing efforts put on the website led to a lot of traffic that helped the business understand customer intent regarding tax resolution in the industry. The company established a network with top tax resolution companies because of the lead generation efforts. As a result, there was a positive impact on the entire industry.

Client Details

Industry: Legal Services

Headquarters: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Area of Service: United States


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