Our tax resolution client, Community Tax, receives an overwhelming 1000 leads per day for tax preparation and resolution. Taxes are intrinsically involved in human life & most individuals and businesses are burdened with managing them due to the complicated processes. Community Tax wanted to help such clients using a CRM System to manage their end-to-end customer journey. We helped them automate the various manual process to build a great user and customer experience.


Business Challenges

The founders wanted to implement a system that runs the entire tax service company instead of solving the micro-level needs for efficiency in sales and marketing. Moreover, the customer experience is essential for stressed-out individuals with tax issues.

Solving for customer experience becomes crucial because each client has 8-10 touchpoints. These touchpoints arrive across various departments, having different yet simultaneous processes. Most of the workflow processes were manual tasks which also required a broader perspective of the problem.


Solution Provided

SugarCRM provided the level of customizations and integrations that best served the company requirements. Community Tax associated with SugarCRM solutions partner Nablasol to execute their strategy. They sought to improve both customer and user experience by implementing automated workflows as a top priority.

The high-touch processes at Community Tax were all automated using integrations and uniques customizations. These processes consisted of marketing and lead management; initial screening (sales); approval and enrollment; billing and financing; investigation; tax prep; resolution; and ongoing monitoring. Now, the team was able to keep the client engaged throughout the customer journey. They had greater visibility and integrated data across all the touchpoints leading to better customer service and automation.

Nablasol helped Community Tax design an automated workflow and a more engaging process that used a custom app to search for a case number. The application auto-fills all the fields and emails the customer a secure link to sign the required documents. This happens while the customer is still on call with the sales team.

Another automation feature developed was a seamless workflow to help customers navigate the telephone system or reduce getting transferred multiple times. We integrated their phone system SugarCRM that aided the identification of clients using caller ID ahead of time. It also helped in determining the stage they are in, the service agent they talked to, and automatically route them directly to the employee.


Impact on Business

Community Tax now enrolls 80% of their clientele on the same day and sometimes even closes business on the first call.

The various automation provided a macro-, departmental-, and user-level visibility of the customer journey. Nablasol, as the company’s Digital Transformation partner, played a crucial role in developing the customer experience fit of the tax service company.


Read the full case study here – SugarCRM Case Study

Client Details

Industry: Tax Resolution

Headquarters: Chicago, IL

Area of Service: United States


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