The agents of our real estate industry clients had a manual workflow of posting tens of ads daily for 3-4 hours. It was wasting their time and reducing their target achievements. So, we developed a Chrome extension for them to automate the form-filling process on various listing platforms in one click.


Business Challenges

All realtors and real estate agents spend most of their daily time posting rental ads and listings on various classifieds, marketplaces and other platforms. This workflow is repetitive, manual and time-consuming.

The real estate agents from our client’s company use a CRM to manage their property data in one place. This is the place where all the details like rent, units, address, neighbourhood, source, available data etc are saved along with multiple high-quality photos. These listings are then used to post ads on the various platform that provides the agent with a form to create one. They have to individually copy-paste the date and upload the images not just once for each listing but 10 times on different platforms. This goes on to happen for 20-30 such listings a day.

The workflow is highly manual, prone to human error and time taking. The agents spend close to 3-4 hours doing this. We set out to save this time and automate the entire process.


Solution Provided

Since platforms like Craigslist, etc had unique forms and workflows to post an ad we decided to create a Chrome extension as a general tool to post ads anywhere in just one click. As a basic structure, it takes data from one website to upload to another website on command. The entire form with different parameters and images is filled and uploaded. 

Specifically in the case of real estate, the listing data from the property listing database can be extracted to populate rental ad postings on any platform. Now, the agents create a detailed listing once and post it anywhere multiple times in just one click using our ad posting automation.

Currently, the extension is available for Craigslist, and FB Marketplace!


Impact on Business

Our ad posting automation tool helped save 4 hours of manual work daily for all the real estate agents for our client. It reduced the listing errors and improved their productivity. They were able to achieve their monthly targets much more easily. Eventually, it translated into more revenue for our client.


Client Details

Industry: Real Estate

Headquarters: Chicago, IL

Area of Service: Greater Chicago Area


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