Our tax service client was troubled by the reduced productivity of their case advocates, who wasted their time and energy while conducting customer data collection manually. We helped them create a plugin for customer data collection automation. This allowed them to generate Microsoft Forms within their CRM and auto-collect responses to populate the customer data fields.


Business Challenges

The case advocates of our tax service clients used to create Google Forms to collect responses for customer surveys, questionnaires and data collection. To collect the responses, they would email the form link, and once received they would copy and paste each answer into the CRM manually. Although form creation and updation is a one-time process, the manual labour of populating response data into the CRM was slowing the workflow. Our automation experts set out to improve their overall workflow.


Solution Provided

We like the experience of MS Forms more than Google so we integrated it with SugarCRM to not just create the survey forms but also to send it to customers within the CRM itself. Using the new ‘Questionnaire Generator’ tool, our client can now create various form types depending on the survey. Then, we developed a plugin using which they can simply select the customer, select a language, and the form type and submit to send an email to the customer with the form link.

The main part of the automation was the survey module which collected the response data from the form. The response was then auto-updated in the fields of the CRM was were associated with the form type.


Impact on Business

The automation quickly removed the time and effort wasted on the manual workflow. The process of collecting data and conducting surveys became much easier and all within the client’s SugarCRM portal. Human error during copying and pasting responses was also completely removed. Essentially, the case advocates could focus on extracting insights from responses and helping the customers solve their tax issues using our customer data collection automation.


Client Details

Industry: Tax Services

Headquarters: Jacksonville, FL

Area of Service: United States


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