A business needs to be able to track its marketing performance. Identify the lead source that can lead to an optimized marketing campaign that will eventually turn to business growth. Our marketing agency client specializes in providing brilliant brand advertisements to their customers had difficulty tracking which channel they should attribute the leads to. We helped them integrate their CRM to affiliate marketing platforms that solved lead attribution problems and optimized their marketing performance.


Business Challenges

Our client was unable to track which marketing medium was working well for them. They were getting the customers either organically on the website and reaching out using the contact number mentioned on the website. They also had a tie-up with the multiple affiliate marketers who would help direct the leads. The primary problem they faced was to track the lead source so that they could calculate the medium performance. This could help them gather maximum clients and then invest more in the same direction. 


Solution Provided

Our client walked us through all the marketing mediums adopted to attract leads. When we conducted the study of these mediums and the prospective customer journey. We decided on integrating the tools with their existing solution that would give them desired marketing analytics. Our client used to track the marketing performance, and for tracking affiliates, they used It dynamically changes the phone number based on the user session. When you dial the number, you get to know the source. This helps us locate the traffic. This helps generate unique links that they can provide to the affiliates to understand the source of traffic.

Our work included the integration of WhatConverts with Getcake. As a result, as soon as you get a call on the WhatConverts, we built an interface that automatically gives credit to the respective affiliate. This takes place only when there is an embedded URL of an affiliate vendor. We did this for both web leads and telephonic leads using


Impact on Business

  1. Our client could track the lead source. These analytics helped me understand the performance of the marketing tools.
  2. The digital integration of and helped automatic distribution of the credits to the respective affiliate vendor. As a result, saving the unnecessary hassle at the end of the month. This helped reduce the cost that was spent on the resources to track these activities. 

Client Details

Industry: Digital Marketing

Headquarters: San Diego, CA

Area of Service: United States


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