Our law industry client was facing challenges as they were scaling and expanding their business. They were unable to leverage the true capabilities of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. We helped them carry out various integrations, automation and transformed CRM to solve the problem. The solutions helped them drastically improve their user and customer experience. 



Our client had a growing business which meant there were profit leakages across departments. This was ever-increasing as the numbers of customers and employees kept on growing. The legacy processes were cumbersome for both customers and users, due to which their experience was hampered. The client being in a niche industry was using a generic Customer Relationship Management tool. A custom transformed CRM is an essential tool for companies in service-based industries. This is because all of their departments and workflows are customer-facing. The problems become complex since our client had unique business functions that required CRM customization. This included building various process automation and creating integrations of systems and apps to their CRM. 

The following is a point-by-point breakdown of the problems the client faced while running their business using a generic CRM: –

  • Difficulty in tracking cases
  • Irregularity in operational workflow
  • Increased labor cost
  • Human errors in standard business processes
  • Inability to track leads
  • Poor engagement with customers 
  • Minimal marketing collaboration



The customer is situated at the core of any business. This undoubtedly makes CRM the most crucial system of all. We helped our client leverage the true power of their CRM by transforming its capabilities. We did this by customizing several features and modules to their customer-centric business requirements. 

The objective of CRM customization was to create an end-to-end transformed CRM tool that performs all the functions for the front, middle, and back-office. The integration activities were carried out without any disruption to the existing business operation. So, we focused on one module at a time to reduce the impact on their operations. 

Below is a detailed breakdown of how we solved the various business problems and their specific impact on the business.


Client Merge Tool

We developed an automated Client Merge Tool that allowed our clients to merge two prospects into one who belongs to the same family and is enrolled in the same service. 

Before the automation, the paralegal team had to remember the clients belonging to the same family. This hassle led to missing out on some clients. 

  • The tools allowed the attorneys to identify such clients as one, reducing client duplication.
  • The paralegal team now could map and identify clients belonging to the same family with just a click.
  • The workflow of designing a case according to the clients became flawless for the attorneys. This improved the user experience while handling a case.

e-Sign Process Integration

We developed an e-signature integration for our clients to improve the customer experience while signing a document. The documents are directly sent to the client via the CRM to be signed digitally.

Prior to the automation, the signature process was carried out physically or the signed documents were sent by the customer over mail. 

  • The automated tool made the storage of documents easier as well as climate-friendly.
  • This automation allowed the client to sign the documents without any hassle from anywhere. This helped to drastically improve the customer experience.  
  • The digital documents are stored in Amazon AWS and can be accessed whenever required by our client. 

Invoice Generation Automation

We improved the operational workflow for generating an invoice for the customers using CRM by automating the entire process.  

Before using this automation, the manager needed to generate an invoice manually for each service provided by the client.

  • The invoice generating process now happens instantly without delay or human errors.
  • This automation automatically generates the invoice for all the services together at once.

Mass Engagement Process

Our client had numerous customers and faced the problem of communicating with all of them at once. They had to separately mail every customer, one by one. 

We optimized & automated this process inside the transformed CRM by allowing them to select multiple clients. This improved the user experience and allowed them to engage with the customers using SMS or mail.

  • The automation saved precious time for our client.
  • This helped the manager to send the same to more than one customer with just a click.
  • The user can now segregate customers using multi-select and directly send emails to them right from the CRM.

Drip Marketing Tool

There are various customer touchpoints in a service-based industry like taxation and law. We created a custom drip marketing tool that allowed our client to create multiple campaigns. They can run various marketing and engagement campaigns at the same time. The tool fetches data from CRM like court dates, summons, etc. These can be customized according to the business requirements.

  • The customers are required to be reminded of their court delivery date 30 to 90 days before the due date. The tool made the process of notifying customers highly efficient and easy.
  • The automation runs a scheduler every day to go through the client list and send them emails and messages as a reminder.
  • The campaign also runs SMS sent to the client through VoIP integration. Emails are sent to the client through AWS SES integration.

Document Approval

We transformed the cumbersome process of document submission and approval by the customer for our client. The tool allows customers to upload the required documents through an application. Once the legal team has reviewed them in the CRM, they are verified and approved. 

Before this automation, they had to mail the documents to the business, which was difficult to track.

  • As the case proceeds, the customers need to provide some more required documents. The tool streamlines the entire procedure or document processing. 
  • The problem of document storage was also solved that happened due to the high volume documentation process.

Chat Automation

We developed a powerful yet simplified CRM communication system. It is integrated with VOIP to directly send and receive messages to and from the customers.

Earlier, the SMS modules were not present inside the CRM but through external devices like mobile and tab, making it difficult to track the communication channels.

  • The integration helped to keep the communication in the CRM. The external devices are not needed to exchange SMS/MMS with clients anymore, making it easier to keep the history of the chat record.
  • The tool allows complete customization in terms of notification and even the number. A sender can change the number for a particular customer.
  • The SMS/MMS can be scheduled and carried out on a targeted date and time.

Billing Automation

Payment systems are a critical function of any business and require robust processes. We developed a billing automation tool that helped our client schedule and credit money automatically from the customers’ accounts.  

  • The client can now create custom rules unique to their business to streamline all billing activities from usage, collection to mediation.
  • If enough money is not present in the account, the scheduler credits money the next day.
  • The process of invoice generation was automated based on customer-centric cycles and settings.
  • Most importantly, the payments are now processed in real-time. 



The various automation and integration led to the creation of an end-to-end transformed CRM platform. The problem of handling multiple outdated systems and applications was solved. The flow of data across systems into a single platform led to strategic decision-making. This drastically improved the overall user experience leading to a more productive work environment. Moreover, the various tools were built to solve for customers primarily, which improved the customer experience. 

Client Details

Industry: Legal Services

Headquarters: Chicago, IL

Area of Service: United States


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