Do you remember your school field trip experiences? The entire class goes to exciting new places. It must be one of the most memorable times of your childhood. It is a scientific fact that when students are taught with engagement they retain way better than rote memorization. Our Edtech client wanted to empower teachers with interactive learning resources that would help them genuinely engage students and make them better learners. We developed a learning management system for virtual resources for our client that helped them manage all the students, their virtual assignments, responses, and much more using the software.


Business Challenges

Our EdTech client had a basic learning management software that they licensed to teachers to help them manage assignments. The software, however, did not help them manage interactive virtual resources and did not have a USP. They wanted virtual resources that would also capture students’ responses in real time. This was the most complicated challenge we had to overcome.

To appeal to a large number of teachers, the resources had to be diverse and included Field Trips, Mini Escape Rooms, Games, and other Lessons. The teachers could add and remove these interactive resources depending upon the usage. Reviewing the answers provided by the students had to be made intuitively so that the teachers could quickly review and assess the students.

On the admin side, a robust dashboard panel was required from which they could develop and add the mentioned resources. The process of properly tracking, reporting, and managing user subscriptions were also required, enabling them to understand the growth of the product. Since, there were 3 different user types of teachers, students, and parents, access-based modules had to be developed.


Solution Provided

We started by creating a database that would enable us to establish the various access-based user types and their controls in the system. This helped us to create a robust panel and dashboard for the admin with specific modules and functionality. The main feature to develop for the admin was to help them take control of the different resource types.

Then we took on the most challenging part by preparing trigger code to send data, like real-time responses, slides, questions, and answers. We did this using JavaScript by calling APIs on the software. Once the responses by the students were getting captured, we had to showcase them on the view page. This would allow the teachers to quickly review and assess those, using an intuitive UI. We made sure to create a seamless user experience for the teachers to increase stickiness in the product.

We also developed a feature where teachers could assign the resources to students and generate credentials for student login.


Impact on Business

Our client recorded a major increase in user stickiness and word of mouth about the interactive learning resources, which were a hit among both students and teachers. A large number of free trial users jumped to become premium paid users. The learning management system is turning out to be a great product market fit for our client.


Client Details

Industry: Education

Headquarters: Jacksonville, FL

Area of Service: United States


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