Robust Integration Solutions

Seamless Data Fetching

Bid farewell to unreliable updates and tedious tasks. Integrate SugarCRM with ease for reliable, instantaneous updates.

SSO Login

Tired of managing separate logins for your CRM and file management tool? Welcome to hassle-free single sign-on!

Client Listings

Collect and manage client information with ease. Spend less time hunting for the one consumer file you believe you may have misplaced.

Cost Efficient

By safely storing files on our Records Management Integration, you can save the cost of CRM document storage and premium plan fees.

Efficient Load Handling

Reduce the CRM load generated by filing documents to streamline your operations. Today, cut down on processing capacity and boost productivity!

Document Requests / Approvals

Through integration, you may control the record's status for your client(s) directly from within your CRM process. An innovative and safe approach to managing data!

platform integration

How Integration Works

Connecting via API

Connect your custom CRM with your DMS seamlessly via API. Enjoy enhanced flexibility and interoperability, ensuring efficient data synchronization and advanced functionality integration.

api connection

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our integration enables real-time data synchronization between your CRM and the DMS.

Yes, you'll be able to keep the custom features of your CRM after integration

Absolutely, our solution automates document generation in the DMS based on your CRM data.

Yes, your data will be safe and secure throughout the integration process.