Why you need to provide exceptional customer delight to grow your business

To generate more business and create value to your customers and provide customer delight, organizations should go beyond the sales funnel and cold calling processes. A wholesome omnichannel engagement is the new age value generator for the client and the organization.

Globalization has created a new opportunity for consumers to look for the desired solutions outside geographical boundaries. The depth of offerings enhances the expectations that the customers come to the solution provider with. They want a more engaging, meaningful, and rich experience. But wait, we never said it was bad for you. On the economic front, the supply side just got better. However, the demand side can cater to these clients only if they can innovate and treat their customers more than a king. Marketing gurus say that nowadays, ‘customer satisfaction is not enough. But wasn’t that your deliverable as a customer-centric organization? They say, go beyond customer satisfaction, grab the opportunities, and stretch yourself to provide ‘Customer Delight’. 

How do you start this process of ‘Customer Delight’? Theoretically, the process begins at the end of solution implementation. However, in practice & based on our experience from the data collected, if delivering more than needed is done after implementing the basic solution then the train for customer delight is already missed. 

Elevate your game for customer engagement

Digital giants like FANGG circle make sure that their customer touchpoints occurring at the very primitive stages of interactions get recorded. This helped them deliver a rich customer experience which eventually improved the Net Promoter Score of the organization. This in turn increased their top-line year over year. This excellent interaction between the organization has increased the customer expectations to solve the problems beyond the physical and telephony channels. The organizations not stretching their limits to cater to the customers are ceding grounds to the competitors. 

What can organizations do to step up their game?

About half a decade ago, customer engagement as a concept was at a very nascent stage. This existed only when the two parties have agreed on the exchange of services. Companies were engaging with clients using individual channels to generate a lot of data. This data made sense only for that particular vertical or channel. Today, times have changed; organizations are using integrated solutions to cater to every single touchpoint from pre-sales, sales to the implementation process. Organizations today have started engaging and recording the data using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools. However, the fight to upgrade oneself doesn’t stop here. 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution available in the market. If you are looking for long-term implementation of a tool, then the solution onboarded should be scalable enough that can be integrated well with the tools outside the ecosystem. If these tools fail to communicate with one another, then there is an opportunity lost. For example, cogito is a tool that helps analyze all the customer calls with sentiment analysis that provides sales agents with how to convert clients based on past records. 

How to select a CRM that suits my business?

Customer traits and behavior differ across industries and business environments. A solution implemented by the B2B business cannot be replicated by the B2C business. Also, as mentioned earlier, you need to understand which nuances of the customer journey are important for your business and map those with the offerings by the solution provider. If you are looking to scale your business, then the CRM solution should scale at an equal rate if not faster. 

Nablasol experts, with the help of their past case studies, have developed a framework that helps their customers chose the best CRM strategy. This is done based on their industry and customer touchpoint requirements, employee tech readiness, integration with other productivity tools, and many more reasonable factors. To learn more about solutions relevant to your business and industry, help us reach out to you. 

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Animesh is a technical writer at Nablasol and loves to see businesses and agencies take charge of their social footprint and put a human touch behind the brand. He loves to trek and will never say no to ice cream. Follow him on Twitter @Neonsaber7

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