How Not to Choose a SEO Company

So, you’ve heard a lot about SEO. Everyone tells you to get it done to improve your website rankings. With all the buzz you’ve heard about it, you think it’s the key to your website’s success. So, you start searching for a company to do SEO for your site, not knowing what it really is. You’re surprised to see the plethora of companies providing SEO services and get confused with the complex…

Building a Large Web Application

Recently, someone asked us, “How do you approach building a large web application?”. Below is our response which we deem fit to share with our readers.

There is no “one process fits all” answer to this. The approach you follow varies from project to project. At Nablasol, the general approach for most software projects is as follows:

Define the Problem and the Users
Start with a…

Which CRM is Best for SMEs?

With the plethora of CRM products in the market today, most businesses find it hard to select the right CRM solution for their business. The overwhelming options available, each of them highlighting their bloated feature-set, confuse the decision makers and they struggle to choose the right solution.

Each business is different – every company has their own business processes and workflow they…

Branding in The Digital Age

Since ages, organizations with big, strong and known brands have been successful to attain larger margins, greater market share and have been able to survive the economic pitfalls. This trend continues from the age old traditional marketing to the online marketing we have today. The fundamentals remain the same, the strategies are somewhat the same, but the execution has changed. There was…

Creating Effective Dashboards for your Reporting Platform

To gauge exactly the overall performance of an organization, digital dashboards allow you to capture and report specific data points from each department, thus giving you a “snapshot” of performance.

Dashboard reporting provides clear and concise description of the key drivers of business performance.

It provides you with visual presentation of performance measures of the business, giving…

Incubating the Nablasol Blog

At Nablasol, we love our clients – yes, we really do. We do everything possible to help them succeed in their business. This blog is a step towards providing our clients and partners with information to help them move forward. It’s a platform where you will get to know us better and interact with us in a new way.

Our team is all about sharing knowledge. We create internal knowledge bases for…

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